Anitha T

Profession Subdivisional Engineer
Hometown Coimbatore
Functional Diversity Mobility Impairment due to Orthopaedic Polio
Diversity Since Birth
Sittruli’s Feather since 2023
First Achievement RKMV Trohpy – State Level Tournament in Adapted Sports wheelchair Badminton (Women)
Latest in 2023 Upcoming Defensive Player Award in “Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Tournament”, Bangalore
Hobbies Quality time with family
Super Power Determination
Aspiration Represent India in International Games
Secret Talent Motivator
Big Dream Donning the Indian colors on the international stage

Anitha T

Wheelchair Basketball and Badminton pro

Mrs. Anitha T, despite facing the challenges of Orthopaedic Polio (OH), stands as an inspiring figure in the realm of adaptive sports. A devoted athlete, she has showcased her prowess in both Wheelchair Basketball and Badminton, proving that resilience knows no bounds.

In “RKMV – State Level Tournament, 2023” held at Coimbatore, Anitha secured an impressive 3rd place in the Badminton event, highlighting her skill and determination on the court. Furthermore, her excellence in Wheelchair Basketball was recognized in the “Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Tournament, 2023” held at Bangalore by Motivation India, where she earned the esteemed Upcoming Defensive Player Award, a testament to her strategic prowess and dedication to the sport.

Beyond her accomplishments in the sporting arena, Anitha also holds the esteemed position of Subdivisional Engineer at BSNL, showcasing her professional acumen. Balancing her career and athletic pursuits, she is also a loving mother of two, emphasizing the depth of her commitment and multitasking abilities.

Looking ahead, Anitha harbors aspirations of representing India in international games, a testament to her unwavering ambition and passion for sports. Despite her demanding professional and personal responsibilities, her dedication to athletic pursuits shines through.

Away from the competitive arenas, Anitha finds her moments of joy in spending time with her family, underscoring the importance of a balanced and fulfilling life. Her journey serves as an inspiration to many, showcasing that with determination and passion, one can overcome physical challenges and achieve greatness in multiple facets of life.

Sittruli’s Tail Feather – Anitha: Defying Limits, Chasing Dreams, Wheeling Towards Global Glory!