15 Feb
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Elevating Skills and Spirit: A Week of Self-Races and New Tricks in Wheelchair Basketball Training

In the dynamic realm of wheelchair basketball training, this week unfolded with a blend of spirited competitions and insightful learning moments. As players took charge of their own momentum during free time, a spontaneous self-race emerged, setting the stage for an exhilarating display of athleticism. Meanwhile, a new trick took center stage as players delved into the nuances of backcourt violation, enriching their understanding of the game’s intricacies. 


During a well-deserved water break, four players took it upon themselves to ignite their competitive spirits with an impromptu race along the length of the court. Their self-initiated challenge exemplified their passion for the game and their drive to push boundaries even during downtime. Inspired by their enthusiasm, the coach rallied everyone for an official race, transforming a brief moment of recreation into a collective display of athleticism and camaraderie.

The self-races not only showcased individual speed and agility but also fostered a sense of unity and shared accomplishment among the players. As each participant crossed the finish line, they celebrated not only their personal achievements but also the collective spirit of their team. 

Exploring Backcourt Violation

Amidst the spirited races, players delved into the nuances of backcourt violation, a fundamental concept in wheelchair basketball gameplay. Through dedicated research and practical application, players gained a deeper understanding of the rules governing ball possession and court positioning. Backcourt violation occurs when an offensive player with the ball crosses the midcourt line and returns to the backcourt without the ball being deflected by the opposing team or without any other circumstance that nullifies the violation. This newfound knowledge empowers players to make informed decisions on the court and enhances their overall gameplay strategy. 

As players honed their skills and expanded their wheelchair basketball knowledge, the week proved to be a testament to their unwavering dedication and thirst for improvement. Through self-initiated challenges and exploration of new techniques, they not only elevated their individual abilities but also strengthened the bond of camaraderie that defines their team. As they continue their wheelchair basketball journey, fueled by the lessons learned and experiences shared, they stand poised to conquer new heights of success and achievement.

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12 Feb
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Perfect Inclusion – Pinnacle of Energy in Wheelchair Basketball Training

In the vibrant world of Wheelchair Basketball, the spirit of perfect inclusion reached its zenith in a training session marked by unparalleled energy and enthusiasm. The day’s activities commenced with anticipation as two dedicated players eagerly awaited the arrival of their counterparts returning from the Sitting Volleyball Tournaments. As the day unfolded, the dynamic training session evolved with the seamless integration of players and volunteers, embodying the essence of perfect inclusion. 

The session kicked off with a spirited first match featuring two players and eight enthusiastic volunteers. The energy surged higher in the second match, which saw six players showcasing their skills alongside four dedicated volunteers. The pinnacle of perfect inclusion was reached in the third match, achieving a perfect balance with five players and five spirited volunteers. 

The remarkable energy exhibited throughout the training session propelled the atmosphere to unprecedented heights. Amidst the friendly contests, players embraced new challenges, mastering the art of Zonal Defence and the exhilarating technique of double ball dribbles. 

Zonal Defence: 

In Wheelchair Basketball, Zonal Defence is a strategic maneuver aimed at fortifying a team’s defensive capabilities. Players divide the court into zones, with each player responsible for guarding a specific area. This tactic enhances coordination, minimizes defensive gaps, and ensures effective coverage against opponent attacks. The acquisition of Zonal Defence adds a layer of sophistication to the gameplay, fostering a sense of teamwork and strategic prowess among the players. 

Double Ball Dribbles: 

The training session also introduced players to the thrilling world of double ball dribbles. This technique involves players skillfully maneuvering two balls simultaneously, showcasing advanced ball-handling skills and coordination. Double ball dribbles not only add flair to the gameplay but also challenge players to enhance their agility and control. Mastering this exhilarating maneuver brings a new dimension to Wheelchair Basketball, highlighting the players’ dedication to continuous improvement. 

As the day concluded, the Perfect Inclusion ethos became more than a concept; it materialized as a tangible reality on the Wheelchair Basketball court. The fusion of players and volunteers, coupled with the acquisition of new skills, painted a vivid picture of inclusivity at its finest. With Zonal Defence and Double Ball Dribbles in their repertoire, the players stand poised for an exciting journey of growth and excellence in Wheelchair Basketball. 

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12 Feb
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Empowering the Next Generation: The Need for Training Trainers in Wheelchair Basketball

Amidst the passion-fueled courts of Wheelchair Basketball, a crucial need has surfaced—the absence of trainers. Undeterred by this void, the players’ enthusiasm remains unwavering, fostering a collective desire to extend their training and seek dedicated support. Recently, Sittruli’s founder, Mr. Guna, stepped onto the scene, not just as a motivator but as a catalyst for change. His visit sparked a transformative idea—to establish a “Training Camp for Trainers” in collaboration with the Wheelchair Basketball Federation of India. This visionary initiative aims to invite aspiring trainers nationwide and equip them to become Wheelchair Basketball Trainers or Coaches. 

Key Moments: 

Race to Empower: 

Mr. Guna, in a spirit of camaraderie, raced alongside the players. To encourage friendly competition and foster a sense of achievement, he announced rewards for those consistently completing the race within 17 seconds—an endeavor that infused the training sessions with newfound energy. 

Player Feedback and Requests: 

As the players engaged with Mr. Guna, they took the opportunity to voice their feedback and desires. Their collective plea was clear—more training time and the essential guidance of dedicated trainers to enhance their skills further. 

A Vision Takes Shape: 

In response to the players’ needs, a visionary idea unfolded. Mr. Guna proposed the creation of a “Training Camp for Trainers” in collaboration with the Wheelchair Basketball Federation of India. The concept is to invite aspiring trainers from across the country and provide them with comprehensive training to become Wheelchair Basketball Trainers or Coaches. 

The Road Ahead: 

The call for training trainers is not merely a response to a current gap; it is a proactive step toward securing the future of Wheelchair Basketball in India. By nurturing a cadre of skilled trainers, the sport can proliferate to new regions, impacting more lives and creating a sustainable ecosystem for inclusive sports. 

Empowerment Through Education: 

Training trainers goes beyond the technicalities of the game; it is about imparting knowledge, instilling leadership, and fostering a passion for inclusivity. As the envisioned Training Camp takes shape, it holds the promise of creating a ripple effect, empowering not just players but a new generation of trainers equipped to champion the cause of Wheelchair Basketball. 

In the hallowed grounds of Erode, where determination meets inspiration, the journey toward training trainers begins—a journey that will sculpt the future of inclusive sports in India. 

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25 Jan
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Expanding Horizons: Inclusive Table Tennis Takes Root at Ganga Rehab, Coimbatore Training Camp

In a significant stride towards diversifying its sporting offerings, Ganga Rehab, Coimbatore, in association with Sittruli Foundation, has embarked on the journey of introducing Inclusive Table Tennis to its array of adaptive sports. This latest addition is not merely about introducing a new sport; it symbolizes a commitment to fostering inclusivity and providing diverse avenues for athletes with disabilities. 

A New Dawn for Inclusive Sports: 

The initiation of Inclusive Table Tennis marks a new chapter in the inclusive sports landscape at Ganga Rehab. With a strong foundation in Wheelchair Basketball, the inclusion of Table Tennis adds another layer to the holistic sports experience offered at the center. 

Coordinated Practice Sessions: 

Practice sessions witnessed a unique dynamic where the coach and volunteers stood on one side, while the players, seated in wheelchairs, occupied the other. This setup not only facilitated effective communication and guidance but also ensured that players were comfortable and engaged during the training. 

Ganga Hospitals’ Contribution: 

The establishment of the Table Tennis setup was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Ganga Hospitals. Recognizing the importance of providing a conducive environment for training, an indoor play area within the Rehab Center was designated for Table Tennis, ensuring that athletes could practice in a controlled and comfortable setting. 

Simultaneous Focus on Wheelchair Basketball: 

While the Table Tennis training gained momentum indoors, the regular Wheelchair Basketball training provided by Sittruli Foundation at Ganga Rehab’s premises, continued unabated on the outside, utilizing the expansive basketball ground. This parallel focus on different adaptive sports underscores Ganga Rehab’s commitment to offering a diverse range of activities to cater to varied interests and abilities. 

The Spirit of Inclusion: 

Inclusive sports are not just about physical activities; they embody the spirit of inclusion, teamwork, and shared accomplishments. The introduction of Inclusive Table Tennis is a testament to Ganga Rehab’s dedication to providing a platform where individuals of all abilities can thrive and compete. 

As Ganga Rehab continues to evolve into a hub of inclusive sports, the journey of Inclusive Table Tennis unfolds as a promising chapter. It is not just about honing athletic skills; it is about creating an environment where athletes can push boundaries, challenge themselves, and, most importantly, experience the joy of sportsmanship. With Inclusive Table Tennis, Ganga Rehab takes a giant leap towards creating a more inclusive and empowering future for individuals with disabilities. 

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25 Jan
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International Purple Fest 2024: A Triumph of Inclusion and Resilience

In a monumental stride towards inclusive sports, Sittruli takes immense pride in revealing its pivotal role as the Sports Partner at the International Purple Fest Goa 2024. This event not only signifies a celebration of sportsmanship but also underscores Sittruli’s unwavering commitment to fostering inclusivity through the medium of sports. 

The Resurrection of Goan Wheelchair Basketball: 

At the heart of the fest lies the revival of the Goan Wheelchair Basketball Team—a dormant force rejuvenated as the fourth participating team. With minimal preparation and just six wheelchairs arriving the day before the match, the team, like a phoenix, rose from inactivity. 

Cricket’s Storied Legacy: 

Cricket, deeply embedded in Goan culture, added another chapter to its storied legacy. The sport, adorned with numerous trophies, stood out as a symbol of pride and passion. 

Mr. Gunasekaran’s Guiding Hand: 

A key orchestrator of this grand spectacle was Mr. Gunasekaran, Founder of Sittruli Foundation.His unwavering support and organizational prowess ensured that the event unfolded seamlessly. 

Beyond the Courts: Accommodation and Transportation: 

Ensuring the players’ comfort, accommodation, and an air-conditioned bus were provided, marking Sittruli’s commitment to creating an environment where athletes could focus solely on their game. 

The Slight Delay and Team Amalgamation: 

A slight delay pushed the 7 am match to a 7:30 am start. To boost team strength, Goa borrowed players from Karnataka, and Delhi borrowed Tamil Nadu’s talented girls. 

Adaptations to the Format: 

Originally planned for the 12th and 13th of January, logistical challenges led to a modification in the schedule. The T-30 format was adopted, introducing unique game dynamics. 

Mr. Gunasekaran Steps in as Coach: 

Facing the absence of coaches for the Goan team, Mr. Gunasekaran assumed the role of coach, teaching basic push-and-pull techniques, defensive and offensive actions to players unfamiliar with the nuances of the game. 

The Inauguration and an Afghan Touch: 

The inauguration, scheduled for noon, marked the formal commencement of the fest. Notably, an Afghan citizen studying in Goa became an integral part of the Goan Men’s team. 

Matches Unfold: 

As the clock ticked towards 4 pm, the teams competed passionately. The third match featured Goan determination against Pondicherry, setting the stage for the climactic final match. 

Ministers and MLAs Witness the Finale: 

The final match, graced by the presence of ministers and MLAs, showcased the pinnacle of wheelchair basketball skill. A 30-minute match captivated the audience, concluding with a valedictory ceremony to honor the participants. 

Generous Compensation: 

Recognizing the dedication and skill displayed, compensation was awarded to the deserving teams—15,000, 10,000, 7,000, and 5,000 rupees for the first four places respectively. 

School Kids Join the Festivities: 

School kids brought an infectious energy, joining the practice sessions before their school hours. Witnessing the games, students from neighboring schools flocked to the venue, soaking in the excitement. 

Inclusive Engagement: 

An inspiring moment unfolded around noon when school kids were invited to experience shooting baskets, both standing and sitting in wheelchairs. Autographs from players added a memorable touch to their engagement. 

The International Purple Fest of 2024 stands not only as a celebration of sportsmanship but as a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who overcome challenges with grace and determination. As the sun set on the fest, it marked not just the end of a day but the beginning of a legacy—one of inclusion, empowerment, and shared triumphs, all under the auspices of Sittruli, the beacon of inclusive sports. 

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12 Jan
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Empowering Journeys: A Tale of Sportswomenship and Inclusivity

In the crisp December air, the heart of Karnataka became a hub of inspiration as Motivation India orchestrated a two-day sports extravaganza in collaboration with Sittruli Foundation. The event, held on the 9th and 10th of December, unfolded a narrative of empowerment, unity, and the unyielding spirit of the players who traveled from different corners to be part of this transformative experience.

Day 1: Training and Team Formation (December 9, 2023)
The journey began with a six-hour training session, where the dedicated players from Belgaum overcame fatigue with enthusiasm. Athletes hailing from Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, and Karnataka, among other districts, joined hands for a comprehensive training experience. Among the 28 players, only three had years of experience, setting the stage for a competition that transcended skill levels. The day concluded with the formation of two teams, Blue Whales and Red Dragons, gearing up for the training and tournament on the following day.

Day 2: Tournaments and Triumphs (December 10, 2023)
The second day witnessed a flurry of tournaments and practice sessions. Regardless of regional affiliations, players were grouped based on their skills, fostering an environment of inclusivity. The Red Dragons emerged victorious in the tournament, and the organizing committee recognized 10 outstanding players, each receiving a trophy for their unique skills and contributions.

Triumphant Moments and Stories:

  1. Promising Youngster:
    The talent and promise shone bright, marking one player as a standout performer Mohanasundari from Pondicherry.
  2. Most Energetic Player:
    A player’s energy and commitment set a benchmark for Rajeshwari from Tamil Nadu.
  3. Emerging Player:
    The emerging talent of a Gowrava from Karnataka left a lasting impression on all who witnessed.
  4. Upcoming Defensive Player:
    Anitha’s defensive prowess from Tamil Nadu showcased their upcoming star status.
  5. Upcoming Offensive Player:
    Offensive skills from Karnataka hinted by Renuka destined for greatness.
  6. Rising Star:
    The rising star status of Manjula Lamani from Karnataka illuminated the event.
  7. Knowledgeable Player:
    Knowledge and understanding of the game made Ramya from Tamil Nadu stand out.
  8. Pride Award (Most Enthusiastic):
    Infectious enthusiasm and spirit earned Ganga from Karnataka the Pride Award.
  9. Entertainer of the Tournament:
    Mallamma from Karnataka, with an entertaining style of play, captured hearts and secured recognition.
  10. Top Scorer:
    Impressive scoring feats crowned Sudha from Tamil Nadu as the top scorer basketing 5 balls in the final match.

Memorable Moments:

  1. Selvapriya’s Unique Move:
    During a match session where all players are learning the rules for the first time, an Erode Player took a unique approach. She placed the ball on her lap and propelled the wheelchair towards the opposite basket. The crowd, recognizing the unconventional move, started calling out her name, urging her to stop as they perceived it as an incorrect tactic.
  2. Rajeshwari’s Inspiring Journey:
    An amputee player from Coimbatore drew the attention of the Motivation India representative, leading to a heartening promise of a sponsored wheelchair, turning her longstanding dream into reality. The girl who travelled alone for the first time since her injury 3 years ago returned home with a wheelchair and a radiant smile on her face.
  3. Jothi’s Coaching Session:
    A coach provided valuable guidance to a sitting volleyball pro from Erode, helping her seamlessly transition her skills to the dynamic sport of wheelchair basketball.
  4. Job Information on the Bus (December 9, 2023):
    An athlete, engaged in a friendly conversation with the bus driver, stumbled upon valuable information about free training and job opportunities offered by a charitable organization in Karnataka.
  5. Sharing Sports Information (December 9, 2023):
    A player seized the opportunity to learn about various other sports from a fellow athlete, opening up new possibilities and avenues for participation.
  6. Caretaker’s Sports Aspiration (December 9, 2023):
    An intrigued caretaker accompanying a player expressed a desire to be involved in sports, fostering inclusivity.

This two-day sports festival, orchestrated by Motivation India, was not just a tournament but a celebration of shared victories, dreams fulfilled, and a community united by the love of the game. The stories of empowerment, opportunities, and information exchanged created a legacy that will resonate within the hearts of all those who were part of this transformative event.

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12 Jan
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Embracing Triumphs: Sittruli’s Heartwarming Year-End Celebration

As the calendar pages turned to the final chapter of the year, Sittruli Foundation orchestrated a heartwarming celebration, a tapestry woven with the threads of inclusivity, passion, and shared victories. The year-end event, held on the morning of December 30th and hosted by Sittruli in collaboration with Ganga Hospitals and Bharath Sports Trust, unfolded as a testament to the spirit of the players who have been an integral part of Wheelchair Basketball Players’ journey throughout the year.

  1. A Symbolic Unveiling:
    The day kicked off with a poignant moment—the release of Sittruli’s Calendar 2024. All the players involved in its creation gathered to unveil this tangible manifestation of dreams and aspirations. The calendar, a collaborative effort, became a canvas portraying the resilience and strength of each participant. As the public received copies, autographs from the players added a personal touch, creating a connection that transcended the boundaries of the sporting arena.
  2. Courts Abuzz with Passion:
    The grounds echoed with the rhythmic sounds of wheelchairs and the spirited cheers of the audience as wheelchair basketball players from Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, and Karnataka engaged in fierce competition on one half of the court. Simultaneously, the younger talents from Coimbatore, aged below 13, showcased their budding skills on the other half. It was a beautiful convergence of experience and youthful exuberance, a reflection of Sittruli’s commitment to fostering talent across age groups and abilities.
  3. A Boundary of Support:
    To enhance the spectator experience, chairs were strategically arranged in the middle of the ground, creating a symbolic boundary. This setup allowed the audience to be closer to the action, offering cheers, encouragement, and a tangible display of support for the players giving their all on the court.
  4. Inclusive Competitions:
    Breaking barriers and promoting inclusivity took center stage during breaks between matches. Normal basketball players and members of the audience were invited to experience the unique challenge of shooting the ball from a wheelchair. Those who mastered the art, netting all three shots, were awarded a special prize—a complementary copy of Sittruli’s Calendar 2024, a cherished token of triumph and inclusivity.
  5. Triumphs and Highlights:
    The tournament showcased spirited competition and standout performances:
  • Kids Boys Winner: RLMHSB with an impressive 19 points.
  • Kids Boys Runner: Monster – B, displaying prowess with 17 Points.
  • Kids Girls Winner: Barathi A, showcasing skill with 9 Points.
  • Kids Girls Runner: Barathi B, capturing hearts with 8 Points.
  • Wheelchair Basketball Men Winner: Karnataka B, dominating with 7 Points.
  • Wheelchair Basketball Men Runner: Coimbatore A, displaying resilience with 6 Points.
  • Wheelchair Basketball Women Winner: Karnataka A, securing victory with 4 Points.
  • Wheelchair Basketball Women Runner: Karnataka B, showing determination with 2 Points.

As the matches unfolded and triumphs were celebrated, the year-end event became more than a tournament; it was a collective celebration of resilience, friendship, and the indomitable spirit that defines Sittruli. With each cheer, each shot, and each shared victory, the event marked not just the culmination of the year but the beginning of a legacy built on unity, diversity, and the shared passion for the game.

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12 Jan
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Sailing Strong: Sittruli’s Odyssey Through 2023

As the curtains draw close on 2023, the journey of Sittruli Foundation unfurls as a tale of triumphs, growth, and unwavering commitment towards inclusivity. This transformative year witnessed a cascade of events that shaped Sittruli’s narrative, reinforcing its mission to empower persons with disabilities (PwD) through sports. 

Kovai Vizha Exhibition Match: Kicking Off on a High Note 

The year commenced with a spirited exhibition match organized by Nandhini and the team during the Kovai Vizha. This marked the initial stroke of Sittruli’s prowess on the field. 

Second Awareness Camp: Rajeshwari’s Historic Entry 

The second awareness camp, a pivotal milestone, was graced by Rajeshwari’s historic entry. Rajan, the coach’s, efforts culminated in BOB’s generous donation of two wheelchairs, setting the stage for impactful change. 

GSMP Program in the US: A Global Sojourn 

In an unexpected turn, Sittruli catapulted onto the global stage with a representation at the Global Sports Mentoring Program (GSMP) in the US. The learnings brought back resonated within the team, shaping the vision for PwD empowerment. 

South Zone Level WCBB Training Camp: A Visual Triumph 

While Sittruli orchestrated the South Zone Level WCBB Training Camp, the team received energizing feedback from international delegates. Padmanaban, the coach’s, collaboration with Bharath Sports Trust paved the way for an inclusive basketball event at Nehru Stadium, marking a new era in Erode. 

Flawless Marathon 4th Edition: A Seamless Spectacle 

Spearheaded by Sabari, Nandhini, and Sivakkolundu, Sittruli’s Marathon witnessed its fourth edition delivered flawlessly—a testament to the team’s commitment and organizational finesse. 

Erode Awareness Camp and Ongoing Training Sessions: A Beacon of Hope 

With Saranya and Samritha taking the lead, the Erode Awareness Camp signaled a reinvigorated hope, further strengthened by the return of the legendary Sivam. The training sessions that followed saw a continuous attendance of over 15 players every week. 

Collaborations with IIT Madras and Motivation India: A Testament to Impact 

Invitations from IIT Madras for the Sports4All program and Motivation India for the Women WCBB Training Project validated Sittruli’s impactful strides in the disability sports arena. 

Memorable Inclusive Event: A Resounding Finale 

The year concluded with one of the most memorable inclusive events, showcasing the strength of the new generation within Sittruli, led by Palanisamy (Usha), Buhari, Renu, Sabari, and Rahul. 

Acknowledging the Backbone: A Team Effort 

The year’s achievements would not be possible without the steadfast support of Sittruli’s backbone: 

– Rajan, the Coach and Member, leading us all from the Front. 

– Shanmugatharasu, the Member and Mentor, guiding the team with his knowledge. 

– Sivakkolundu, the Member, leading the designing in style. 

– Padmanaban, the Coach and Member, collaborating Sittruli with other sports and support entities. 

– Sam, the Member, with his clicks capturing our memories. 

– Saranya, the Volunteer, breaking walls on the official front and now on the ground in the Erode camp. 

– Rajeev, the Member, rocking the stage, providing feedback, and contributing to improvements for Sittruli. 

– Poorani, the Member, a virtual admin of all activities and follow-up. 

– Selva, the Member, owning the gifts and mementos area. 

– Lalithambigai and Kannan, the Members, taking the stage when it is needed. 

– Balaji, the Director, and Karthika and Aswanth, the Members, adding the energy for the team on the ground. 

– Sivam, the Volunteer, seamlessly switching to auto-lead mode in Erode. 

– Madhan, the Member, eagerly anticipating his Salem chapter. 

– Vivek, the Player, the first WC member building a strong role. 

– Dinesh and Sasikumar, slowly giving their re-entry as Members. 

– Preethi, Anandhakrishnan, and Nandhini, the Members, spreading their wings in Pondicherry with our Bala coach. 

A Visionary Leap into 2024: Ganga’s Academy, WC Table Tennis, and GOA Purple FEST 

With Ganga’s academy project, WC Table Tennis training, and GOA Purple FEST coming into focus, Sittruli stands on the cusp of a meaningful 2024, poised for societal transformation. 

The year 2023 has been a beacon of progress, and as we step into the new year, the Sittruli family welcomes the future with open arms, ready to script a continuing saga of empowerment, inclusion, and boundless possibilities. 

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13 Dec
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Empowering Spirits: Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Tournament Elicits Grandpa’s Appreciation and Generosity

In the vibrant tapestry of events at the Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Tournament organized by Sittruli, a heartwarming encounter unfolded, revealing the profound impact of good deeds rippling through the community. As the tournament’s energy reverberated through the court today and promised excitement for tomorrow, a chance encounter with a benevolent grandpa aboard a train underscored the positive influence of the sport.
Sittruli’s team of players and volunteers boarded the train from Coimbatore and Erode. They reached their destination, Bangalore with a fun filled journey with lot of laughter and joy which disturbed the whole compartment on a delightful Friday afternoon. During a train journey, this grandpa, intrigued by the emblem of inclusivity and strength showcased by Sittruli’s Team, approached with curiosity. His genuine interest in the sport sparked a conversation with the Team that transcended the confines of the tournament grounds. The grandpa, seeking to understand the intricacies of wheelchair basketball, engaged in a detailed conversation, unraveling the layers of skill, strategy, and passion woven into the game.
Impressed by the resilience and determination exhibited by the women athletes, the grandpa extended his appreciation, advised the volunteers to protect the safety and care of the players, recognizing the profound impact of the tournament in breaking barriers and fostering inclusivity. His admiration went beyond words, leading him to share the contact information of a physiotherapist—a gesture that spoke volumes about the spirit of community support and goodwill. This unexpected encounter became a testament to the transformative power of good things paving the way for more good deeds. The grandpa’s gesture not only demonstrated the impact of the Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Tournament in raising awareness but also highlighted the potential for connections that transcend the boundaries of age and background.
As the tournament continues to unfold, each match becomes not just a showcase of athletic prowess but a catalyst for broader conversations about ability, determination, and unity. The grandpa’s interest and generosity serve as a reminder that the positive ripples of empowering events extend far beyond the immediate participants, creating a ripple effect that touches hearts and inspires acts of kindness. In the grandpa’s simple yet profound appreciation lies a beautiful narrative—proof that good deeds, sparked by events that celebrate inclusivity and strength, can weave a tapestry of connection, understanding, and support. The Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Tournament becomes more than a competition; it emerges as a catalyst for building bridges of understanding, breaking down stereotypes, and fostering a community where goodwill and appreciation know no bounds.

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13 Dec
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Rain Can’t Stop the Game: A 3×3 Wheelchair Basketball Showdown Amidst Showers

When the heavens opened up, only 50% of the anticipated participants made it to the ground, but what ensued was a spectacle that echoed louder than the raindrops — the rookie players had their first match of 3×3 Wheelchair Basketball in a half-court setting. In this downpour, a resilient spirit prevailed, proving that, indeed, Rain Can’t Stop the Game.This extraordinary event unfolded as part of the regular training session at Sittruli’s new training camp. As players navigated the challenges of the wet terrain, their determination painted a vivid picture of passion undeterred by weather. The court, slick with rain, became a canvas for an exhibition of skill, adaptability, and unwavering enthusiasm. In the face of adversity, the game unfolded, each move a testament to the players’ commitment to their craft.
More than the players, the volunteers became the unsung heroes of the day. Despite the rain, they surrounded the players, becoming beacons of energy and support. Their tips, strategies, and knowledge of the rules not only guided the players but ignited a flame of enthusiasm that defied the weather. In the midst of raindrops, a different kind of energy flowed — one fueled by the collective passion for the game and the shared determination to make the most of the moment.The 3×3 Wheelchair Basketball game, played by three members in each team, became a symbol of resilience and camaraderie. The condensed format, suited for the half-court setting, intensified the competition and showcased the players’ adaptability to unforeseen circumstances.As the final buzzer echoed through the rain-soaked court, the participants left not only with rain-kissed jerseys but with smiles that spoke of triumph over adversity. The game became more than a match; it was a celebration of the indomitable human spirit, proving that no amount of rain could wash away the love for the game.
“Rain Can’t Stop the Game” became a mantra, echoing through the dripping court and resonating in the hearts of every participant. It was a day when the unpredictable weather became a backdrop to an unforgettable display of passion, teamwork, and the sheer joy of playing wheelchair basketball, all made possible by the unwavering commitment of Sittruli.

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