Keerthika Jayachandran

Transformative Athlete

Ms. Keerthika Jayachandran’s journey is truly remarkable, characterized by resilience, determination, and outstanding achievements. Overcoming a spinal injury at the age of 9 in 2004, she embarked on a transformative path that eventually led her to Wheelchair Basketball in 2018.

Keerthika’s dedication and skill set have not only allowed her to excel in Wheelchair Basketball but have also made her a National Champion in Javelin and Discus Throw in 2023. Her prowess in these events was further demonstrated by her remarkable achievement of securing a Silver Medal in Javelin throw at the IWAS World Games in Thailand, showcasing her talent on the global stage.

In addition to her sporting accomplishments, Keerthika has made significant strides in her professional career at Amazon, where she contributes to supporting her family. Her ability to excel both in her athletic pursuits and professional life underscores her well-rounded capabilities.

Beyond her busy schedule, Keerthika maintains diverse interests. She enjoys traveling, which suggests a curiosity and appreciation for different cultures and experiences. Furthermore, her indulgence in the world of literature reflects a passion for intellectual and creative pursuits.

Keerthika’s ultimate goal of clinching a medal in the Paralympics is not only a testament to her athletic ambitions but also signals her desire to be a leading advocate for women who have faced similar challenges. Her journey serves as an inspiration to others, particularly those navigating physical obstacles, and her determination to advocate for and support women in similar situations adds a meaningful dimension to her story.

Keerthika’s life is a testament to overcoming adversity, excelling in diverse fields, and aspiring to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Her achievements in sports, career, and advocacy make her a role model for resilience and determination.

Sittruli’s Wing Feather – Keerthika: Breaking Barriers, Igniting Dreams!

Keerthika Jayachandran


Employee at Amazon



Functional Diversity

Mobility Impairment due to Spine Injury

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National Champion in Javelin and Discus throw

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Silver Medal in Javelin throw at the IWAS World Games in Thailand


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A Gold Medallist in Paralympic

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Forerunner to women like her

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