Mr. Muthuraja K

Self-driven Athlete

Mr. Muthuraja K’s journey is a testament to resilience, dedication, and outstanding achievements despite facing a spinal injury in 2016. His rehabilitation at the Ganga Spinal Rehabilitation Center marked the beginning of a self-driven training journey, focusing on Shotput, Discus, and Javelin Throw.

Balancing these athletic pursuits with a job at Zomato showcases Muthuraja’s ability to manage both professional and sporting commitments effectively. His dedication and hard work reached fruition in 2023 when he clinched the National Champion title in Shotput, setting an impressive Indian record with a throw of 10.47 meters. Additionally, he earned a well-deserved Silver Medal in Discus throw.

Muthuraja’s achievements extended to the international stage as well. Representing India in the “4th Hangzhou 2022 Asian Para-Games,” he proudly secured Bronze Medals in both Shotput and Discus throw, highlighting his prowess on the global platform.

Looking ahead, Muthuraja harbors ambitious goals, with his sights set on triumphing in the Para Olympics. His aspiration to set a World record reflects his determination to push the boundaries of his capabilities in the world of Para Athletics. Despite the challenges he faced, Muthuraja finds joy in gym sessions and swimming, underscoring his commitment to maintaining physical fitness and well-being.

Muthuraja’s story is one of overcoming adversity, achieving excellence in Para Athletics, and aspiring to make a mark on the world stage. His dedication to both his professional and athletic pursuits, coupled with ambitious goals for the future, makes him a source of inspiration for individuals facing challenges and striving for success in various aspects of life.

Sittruli’s Filoplume – Muthuraja: Defying Gravity, Breaking Records, Olympic Dreams Taking Flight!

Muthuraja K


Para Athlete



Functional Diversity

Mobility Impairment due to Spine Injury

Diversity Since


Sittruli’s Feather since


First Achievement

Olympic qualifier in Shotput and set the Indian record – 10.47

Latest in 2023

Gold, Bronze and Silver Medals for Discus and Shotput in Nottwil World Para–Athletics Grand Prix International Championship, Switzerland


Spending time in Gym and Swimming

Super Power

Exceptional strength and prowess


Compete in the Asian Games and qualify for the Olympics

Secret Talent


Big Dream

Achieving success on the international stage