Mr. Thomas Clinton S

Dynamic Archery and Wheelchair Basketball Champ

Mr. Thomas Clinton S, who faced a spinal injury in 2014, discovered his passion for Wheelchair Basketball and more. His journey took a significant turn when he was selected for the Tamil Nadu Wheelchair Basketball team in 2020, leading to a remarkable Gold Medal win in the South Zone National in 2022. Thomas’s athletic prowess extends beyond basketball, excelling in Para Athletics with Silver Medals in Javelin and Discus Throw at the 2021 State Meet.

In 2021, Thomas embraced Archery under the guidance of Mr. Yuvaraj, showcasing his versatility and determination to explore new horizons. His ultimate goal is to bring home a medal in Archery at the Paralympics, a testament to his ambitious spirit and dedication to excellence.

Beyond the realm of sports, Thomas is also a connoisseur of pencil sketching, adding an artistic flair to his pursuits. His multifaceted talents and unwavering determination make him a true inspiration, demonstrating that resilience knows no bounds and that one can triumph over adversity to achieve greatness in various domains.

Sittruli’s Tail Feather – Thomas Clinton: Wheeling to Victory, Aiming for Paralympic Glory, Sketching Dreams Along the Way!

Thomas Clinton S





Functional Diversity

Mobility Impairment due to Spine Injury

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Sittruli’s Feather since


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Gold Medal in South Zone National

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State Archery Championship


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Compete in the Paralympics in Archery

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Representing India at Paralympics in Archery