Vivek K R


Peer Mentor and Designer



Functional Diversity

Mobility Impairment due to Spine Injury

Diversity Since


Sittruli’s Feather since


First Achievement

Wheelchair Basketball State Championships

Latest in 2023

Bronze Medal in Wheelchair Basketball State championship and Silver Medal in State Discus Throw


Travelling and Listening to Music

Super Power

Indomitable spirit


Thriving in realm of adaptive sports

Secret Talent


Big Dream

Inspire, empower and mentor a world of inclusivity

Mr. Vivek K R

Bike Racing Enthusiast in Para Athletic World

Mr. Vivek K R, a passionate bike racing enthusiast who encountered a spinal injury in 2015, has made remarkable strides in the arena of Wheelchair Basketball. His achievements include securing a Bronze Medal in the 2023 State Championship and a Silver Medal in Discus Throw at the Para State Championship, showcasing his dedication and skill in adaptive sports.

Currently serving as a peer mentor and designer at Ganga Spine Injury Rehabilitation Centre, Vivek envisions a future actively intertwined with sports, where he not only excels personally but also contributes to the rehabilitation and mentorship of others facing similar challenges.

Beyond his professional and sporting pursuits, Vivek’s interests span travel, allowing him to explore the world, and a deep appreciation for music, highlighting the diverse facets of his vibrant personality. His journey exemplifies resilience, determination, and a commitment to a life filled with purpose and passion.

Sittruli’s Pennaceous Feather – Vivek: Defying Limits, Designing Dreams, and Wheeling Towards Victory!