12 Feb
  • By Sittruli

Empowering the Next Generation: The Need for Training Trainers in Wheelchair Basketball

Amidst the passion-fueled courts of Wheelchair Basketball, a crucial need has surfaced—the absence of trainers. Undeterred by this void, the players’ enthusiasm remains unwavering, fostering a collective desire to extend their training and seek dedicated support. Recently, Sittruli’s founder, Mr. Guna, stepped onto the scene, not just as a motivator but as a catalyst for change. His visit sparked a transformative idea—to establish a “Training Camp for Trainers” in collaboration with the Wheelchair Basketball Federation of India. This visionary initiative aims to invite aspiring trainers nationwide and equip them to become Wheelchair Basketball Trainers or Coaches. 

Key Moments: 

Race to Empower: 

Mr. Guna, in a spirit of camaraderie, raced alongside the players. To encourage friendly competition and foster a sense of achievement, he announced rewards for those consistently completing the race within 17 seconds—an endeavor that infused the training sessions with newfound energy. 

Player Feedback and Requests: 

As the players engaged with Mr. Guna, they took the opportunity to voice their feedback and desires. Their collective plea was clear—more training time and the essential guidance of dedicated trainers to enhance their skills further. 

A Vision Takes Shape: 

In response to the players’ needs, a visionary idea unfolded. Mr. Guna proposed the creation of a “Training Camp for Trainers” in collaboration with the Wheelchair Basketball Federation of India. The concept is to invite aspiring trainers from across the country and provide them with comprehensive training to become Wheelchair Basketball Trainers or Coaches. 

The Road Ahead: 

The call for training trainers is not merely a response to a current gap; it is a proactive step toward securing the future of Wheelchair Basketball in India. By nurturing a cadre of skilled trainers, the sport can proliferate to new regions, impacting more lives and creating a sustainable ecosystem for inclusive sports. 

Empowerment Through Education: 

Training trainers goes beyond the technicalities of the game; it is about imparting knowledge, instilling leadership, and fostering a passion for inclusivity. As the envisioned Training Camp takes shape, it holds the promise of creating a ripple effect, empowering not just players but a new generation of trainers equipped to champion the cause of Wheelchair Basketball. 

In the hallowed grounds of Erode, where determination meets inspiration, the journey toward training trainers begins—a journey that will sculpt the future of inclusive sports in India. 

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