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Exciting Highlights from the 6th Tamil Nadu State Wheelchair Basketball Championship 2024

The 6th Tamil Nadu State Wheelchair Basketball Championship 2024 was a thrilling showcase of talent, determination, and sportsmanship. Let’s dive into the exciting highlights from the matches: 

Match 1: Coimbatore (W) vs Erode (W) 

In a fiercely contested match, Erode emerged victorious with a score of 5-3, showcasing their skills and determination on the court. 

Match 2: Coimbatore (M) vs Erode (M) 

Coimbatore’s men’s team dominated the court with a commanding score of 25-8, securing a well-deserved victory over Erode. 

Match 3: Vellore (W) vs Erode (W) 

Vellore’s women’s team displayed their strength and resilience, securing a victory with a final score of 10-4 over Erode. 

Match 4: Vellore (M) vs Erode (M) 

Vellore continued their winning streak with an impressive score of 21-4 against Erode in the men’s division. 

Match 5: Vellore (W) vs Coimbatore (W) 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Vellore secured a walkover victory[ Team wins by default.] against Coimbatore’s women’s team, showcasing their commitment and determination. 

Match 6: Vellore (M) vs Coimbatore (M) 

In a highly anticipated match, Vellore’s men’s team emerged victorious with a dominant score of 38-16, securing the championship title. 

Special Recognition: 

Women’s Results: Vellore emerged as the winner, followed by Erode as the runner-up and Coimbatore as the second runner-up. 

Inspiring Story: Jyothi, a player from Erode, displayed incredible determination and progress, overcoming initial challenges to become a key player in the championship matches. 

Walkover Explanation: 

A walkover occurs when one team is unable to field a full squad or participate in the match, resulting in the opposing team being declared the winner by default. 

Overall, the 6th Tamil Nadu State Wheelchair Basketball Championship 2024 was a testament to the dedication and passion of all the participating teams and players. Congratulations to all the winners and participants for their outstanding performance and sportsmanship on the court! 🏀🏆

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