01 Jul
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Special Visit: Mr. Iniyavan from India Cements Joins Our Wheelchair Basketball and Table Tennis Training 

We were honored to welcome Mr. Iniyavan, the Marketing Head from India Cements, to our Wheelchair Basketball and Table Tennis Training session at the Ganga Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre last Sunday, May 26, 2024. His visit was a significant milestone for us, highlighting the growing recognition and support for adaptive sports. 

Inspiring Presence 

Mr. Iniyavan’s presence brought a wave of excitement and inspiration to our athletes. His genuine interest in our training programs and the progress of our players was evident from the moment he arrived. As a key figure in the corporate world, his support underscores the importance of inclusivity and empowerment through sports. 

Engaging with the Athletes 

During his visit, Mr. Iniyavan took the time to interact with our athletes, sharing words of encouragement and listening to their stories. His enthusiasm was palpable as he observed the dedication and skill displayed during the wheelchair basketball drills and table tennis matches. The players were thrilled to showcase their talents and demonstrate the progress they have made through consistent training and perseverance. 

Insights and Encouragement 

Mr. Iniyavan also shared valuable insights about the potential for corporate involvement in supporting adaptive sports. He emphasized the role of organizations like India Cements in fostering an inclusive environment and providing opportunities for differently-abled athletes to excel. His words resonated with everyone present, reinforcing the importance of collaboration between the corporate sector and sports initiatives. 

A Memorable Experience 

The visit was not just a motivational boost for our athletes but also an opportunity for them to connect with a leader who understands the transformative power of sports. Mr. Iniyavan’s visit highlighted the significance of adaptive sports in building confidence, resilience, and a sense of community among athletes. 

Looking Ahead 

We are deeply grateful to Mr. Iniyavan and India Cements for their support and commitment to promoting inclusivity in sports. This visit marks the beginning of a promising partnership, and we look forward to more such interactions that can further elevate the profile of wheelchair basketball and table tennis in India. 


Mr. Iniyavan’s visit to our training session was a testament to the growing recognition and support for adaptive sports. It reinforced our mission to empower athletes through inclusive sports programs and highlighted the potential for corporate collaboration in this journey. We are excited about the future and the opportunities that lie ahead as we continue to promote and develop adaptive sports in our community. 

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