08 Oct
  • By Sittruli

Learn from the mistakes of your peers – First lesson taught in Erode Training Camp.

In the heart of Thindal, Erode at Sittruli’s Wheelchair Basketball Training Camp, a valuable lesson echoed through the courts and hearts of all trainees: “Learn from the Mistakes of Your Peers.”As participants delved into the world of wheelchair basketball, they quickly discovered that it was a sport of challenges and triumphs. Mistakes were part of the learning process, but what set this camp apart was the focus on turning errors into opportunities for growth.Players witnessed their fellow athletes grappling with little challenges,during the camp’s activities. However, instead of criticism, these moments were met with support and encouragement. The message was clear: making mistakes is okay; what truly matters is how you respond.This lesson extended beyond the court, emphasizing resilience, determination, and the willingness to learn from experiences. It reminded participants that setbacks are chances to become stronger and more confident, not failures.The “Learn from the Mistakes of Your Peers” ethos fostered a sense of trust and camaraderie. Participants realized that together, they could overcome any challenge. This lesson wasn’t just about basketball; it was about embracing personal growth.
In Erode’s camp, the first lesson was clear: mistakes are stepping stones to success. By learning from their peers’ experiences and embracing the journey of growth, participants left not only as better players but as stronger, more resilient individuals ready to face life’s challenges.

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