25 Jan
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International Purple Fest 2024: A Triumph of Inclusion and Resilience

In a monumental stride towards inclusive sports, Sittruli takes immense pride in revealing its pivotal role as the Sports Partner at the International Purple Fest Goa 2024. This event not only signifies a celebration of sportsmanship but also underscores Sittruli’s unwavering commitment to fostering inclusivity through the medium of sports. 

The Resurrection of Goan Wheelchair Basketball: 

At the heart of the fest lies the revival of the Goan Wheelchair Basketball Team—a dormant force rejuvenated as the fourth participating team. With minimal preparation and just six wheelchairs arriving the day before the match, the team, like a phoenix, rose from inactivity. 

Cricket’s Storied Legacy: 

Cricket, deeply embedded in Goan culture, added another chapter to its storied legacy. The sport, adorned with numerous trophies, stood out as a symbol of pride and passion. 

Mr. Gunasekaran’s Guiding Hand: 

A key orchestrator of this grand spectacle was Mr. Gunasekaran, Founder of Sittruli Foundation.His unwavering support and organizational prowess ensured that the event unfolded seamlessly. 

Beyond the Courts: Accommodation and Transportation: 

Ensuring the players’ comfort, accommodation, and an air-conditioned bus were provided, marking Sittruli’s commitment to creating an environment where athletes could focus solely on their game. 

The Slight Delay and Team Amalgamation: 

A slight delay pushed the 7 am match to a 7:30 am start. To boost team strength, Goa borrowed players from Karnataka, and Delhi borrowed Tamil Nadu’s talented girls. 

Adaptations to the Format: 

Originally planned for the 12th and 13th of January, logistical challenges led to a modification in the schedule. The T-30 format was adopted, introducing unique game dynamics. 

Mr. Gunasekaran Steps in as Coach: 

Facing the absence of coaches for the Goan team, Mr. Gunasekaran assumed the role of coach, teaching basic push-and-pull techniques, defensive and offensive actions to players unfamiliar with the nuances of the game. 

The Inauguration and an Afghan Touch: 

The inauguration, scheduled for noon, marked the formal commencement of the fest. Notably, an Afghan citizen studying in Goa became an integral part of the Goan Men’s team. 

Matches Unfold: 

As the clock ticked towards 4 pm, the teams competed passionately. The third match featured Goan determination against Pondicherry, setting the stage for the climactic final match. 

Ministers and MLAs Witness the Finale: 

The final match, graced by the presence of ministers and MLAs, showcased the pinnacle of wheelchair basketball skill. A 30-minute match captivated the audience, concluding with a valedictory ceremony to honor the participants. 

Generous Compensation: 

Recognizing the dedication and skill displayed, compensation was awarded to the deserving teams—15,000, 10,000, 7,000, and 5,000 rupees for the first four places respectively. 

School Kids Join the Festivities: 

School kids brought an infectious energy, joining the practice sessions before their school hours. Witnessing the games, students from neighboring schools flocked to the venue, soaking in the excitement. 

Inclusive Engagement: 

An inspiring moment unfolded around noon when school kids were invited to experience shooting baskets, both standing and sitting in wheelchairs. Autographs from players added a memorable touch to their engagement. 

The International Purple Fest of 2024 stands not only as a celebration of sportsmanship but as a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who overcome challenges with grace and determination. As the sun set on the fest, it marked not just the end of a day but the beginning of a legacy—one of inclusion, empowerment, and shared triumphs, all under the auspices of Sittruli, the beacon of inclusive sports. 

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