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Empowering Journeys: A Tale of Sportswomenship and Inclusivity

In the crisp December air, the heart of Karnataka became a hub of inspiration as Motivation India orchestrated a two-day sports extravaganza in collaboration with Sittruli Foundation. The event, held on the 9th and 10th of December, unfolded a narrative of empowerment, unity, and the unyielding spirit of the players who traveled from different corners to be part of this transformative experience.

Day 1: Training and Team Formation (December 9, 2023)
The journey began with a six-hour training session, where the dedicated players from Belgaum overcame fatigue with enthusiasm. Athletes hailing from Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, and Karnataka, among other districts, joined hands for a comprehensive training experience. Among the 28 players, only three had years of experience, setting the stage for a competition that transcended skill levels. The day concluded with the formation of two teams, Blue Whales and Red Dragons, gearing up for the training and tournament on the following day.

Day 2: Tournaments and Triumphs (December 10, 2023)
The second day witnessed a flurry of tournaments and practice sessions. Regardless of regional affiliations, players were grouped based on their skills, fostering an environment of inclusivity. The Red Dragons emerged victorious in the tournament, and the organizing committee recognized 10 outstanding players, each receiving a trophy for their unique skills and contributions.

Triumphant Moments and Stories:

  1. Promising Youngster:
    The talent and promise shone bright, marking one player as a standout performer Mohanasundari from Pondicherry.
  2. Most Energetic Player:
    A player’s energy and commitment set a benchmark for Rajeshwari from Tamil Nadu.
  3. Emerging Player:
    The emerging talent of a Gowrava from Karnataka left a lasting impression on all who witnessed.
  4. Upcoming Defensive Player:
    Anitha’s defensive prowess from Tamil Nadu showcased their upcoming star status.
  5. Upcoming Offensive Player:
    Offensive skills from Karnataka hinted by Renuka destined for greatness.
  6. Rising Star:
    The rising star status of Manjula Lamani from Karnataka illuminated the event.
  7. Knowledgeable Player:
    Knowledge and understanding of the game made Ramya from Tamil Nadu stand out.
  8. Pride Award (Most Enthusiastic):
    Infectious enthusiasm and spirit earned Ganga from Karnataka the Pride Award.
  9. Entertainer of the Tournament:
    Mallamma from Karnataka, with an entertaining style of play, captured hearts and secured recognition.
  10. Top Scorer:
    Impressive scoring feats crowned Sudha from Tamil Nadu as the top scorer basketing 5 balls in the final match.

Memorable Moments:

  1. Selvapriya’s Unique Move:
    During a match session where all players are learning the rules for the first time, an Erode Player took a unique approach. She placed the ball on her lap and propelled the wheelchair towards the opposite basket. The crowd, recognizing the unconventional move, started calling out her name, urging her to stop as they perceived it as an incorrect tactic.
  2. Rajeshwari’s Inspiring Journey:
    An amputee player from Coimbatore drew the attention of the Motivation India representative, leading to a heartening promise of a sponsored wheelchair, turning her longstanding dream into reality. The girl who travelled alone for the first time since her injury 3 years ago returned home with a wheelchair and a radiant smile on her face.
  3. Jothi’s Coaching Session:
    A coach provided valuable guidance to a sitting volleyball pro from Erode, helping her seamlessly transition her skills to the dynamic sport of wheelchair basketball.
  4. Job Information on the Bus (December 9, 2023):
    An athlete, engaged in a friendly conversation with the bus driver, stumbled upon valuable information about free training and job opportunities offered by a charitable organization in Karnataka.
  5. Sharing Sports Information (December 9, 2023):
    A player seized the opportunity to learn about various other sports from a fellow athlete, opening up new possibilities and avenues for participation.
  6. Caretaker’s Sports Aspiration (December 9, 2023):
    An intrigued caretaker accompanying a player expressed a desire to be involved in sports, fostering inclusivity.

This two-day sports festival, orchestrated by Motivation India, was not just a tournament but a celebration of shared victories, dreams fulfilled, and a community united by the love of the game. The stories of empowerment, opportunities, and information exchanged created a legacy that will resonate within the hearts of all those who were part of this transformative event.

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