12 Jan
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Embracing Triumphs: Sittruli’s Heartwarming Year-End Celebration

As the calendar pages turned to the final chapter of the year, Sittruli Foundation orchestrated a heartwarming celebration, a tapestry woven with the threads of inclusivity, passion, and shared victories. The year-end event, held on the morning of December 30th and hosted by Sittruli in collaboration with Ganga Hospitals and Bharath Sports Trust, unfolded as a testament to the spirit of the players who have been an integral part of Wheelchair Basketball Players’ journey throughout the year.

  1. A Symbolic Unveiling:
    The day kicked off with a poignant moment—the release of Sittruli’s Calendar 2024. All the players involved in its creation gathered to unveil this tangible manifestation of dreams and aspirations. The calendar, a collaborative effort, became a canvas portraying the resilience and strength of each participant. As the public received copies, autographs from the players added a personal touch, creating a connection that transcended the boundaries of the sporting arena.
  2. Courts Abuzz with Passion:
    The grounds echoed with the rhythmic sounds of wheelchairs and the spirited cheers of the audience as wheelchair basketball players from Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, and Karnataka engaged in fierce competition on one half of the court. Simultaneously, the younger talents from Coimbatore, aged below 13, showcased their budding skills on the other half. It was a beautiful convergence of experience and youthful exuberance, a reflection of Sittruli’s commitment to fostering talent across age groups and abilities.
  3. A Boundary of Support:
    To enhance the spectator experience, chairs were strategically arranged in the middle of the ground, creating a symbolic boundary. This setup allowed the audience to be closer to the action, offering cheers, encouragement, and a tangible display of support for the players giving their all on the court.
  4. Inclusive Competitions:
    Breaking barriers and promoting inclusivity took center stage during breaks between matches. Normal basketball players and members of the audience were invited to experience the unique challenge of shooting the ball from a wheelchair. Those who mastered the art, netting all three shots, were awarded a special prize—a complementary copy of Sittruli’s Calendar 2024, a cherished token of triumph and inclusivity.
  5. Triumphs and Highlights:
    The tournament showcased spirited competition and standout performances:
  • Kids Boys Winner: RLMHSB with an impressive 19 points.
  • Kids Boys Runner: Monster – B, displaying prowess with 17 Points.
  • Kids Girls Winner: Barathi A, showcasing skill with 9 Points.
  • Kids Girls Runner: Barathi B, capturing hearts with 8 Points.
  • Wheelchair Basketball Men Winner: Karnataka B, dominating with 7 Points.
  • Wheelchair Basketball Men Runner: Coimbatore A, displaying resilience with 6 Points.
  • Wheelchair Basketball Women Winner: Karnataka A, securing victory with 4 Points.
  • Wheelchair Basketball Women Runner: Karnataka B, showing determination with 2 Points.

As the matches unfolded and triumphs were celebrated, the year-end event became more than a tournament; it was a collective celebration of resilience, friendship, and the indomitable spirit that defines Sittruli. With each cheer, each shot, and each shared victory, the event marked not just the culmination of the year but the beginning of a legacy built on unity, diversity, and the shared passion for the game.

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