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Sailing Strong: Sittruli’s Odyssey Through 2023

As the curtains draw close on 2023, the journey of Sittruli Foundation unfurls as a tale of triumphs, growth, and unwavering commitment towards inclusivity. This transformative year witnessed a cascade of events that shaped Sittruli’s narrative, reinforcing its mission to empower persons with disabilities (PwD) through sports. 

Kovai Vizha Exhibition Match: Kicking Off on a High Note 

The year commenced with a spirited exhibition match organized by Nandhini and the team during the Kovai Vizha. This marked the initial stroke of Sittruli’s prowess on the field. 

Second Awareness Camp: Rajeshwari’s Historic Entry 

The second awareness camp, a pivotal milestone, was graced by Rajeshwari’s historic entry. Rajan, the coach’s, efforts culminated in BOB’s generous donation of two wheelchairs, setting the stage for impactful change. 

GSMP Program in the US: A Global Sojourn 

In an unexpected turn, Sittruli catapulted onto the global stage with a representation at the Global Sports Mentoring Program (GSMP) in the US. The learnings brought back resonated within the team, shaping the vision for PwD empowerment. 

South Zone Level WCBB Training Camp: A Visual Triumph 

While Sittruli orchestrated the South Zone Level WCBB Training Camp, the team received energizing feedback from international delegates. Padmanaban, the coach’s, collaboration with Bharath Sports Trust paved the way for an inclusive basketball event at Nehru Stadium, marking a new era in Erode. 

Flawless Marathon 4th Edition: A Seamless Spectacle 

Spearheaded by Sabari, Nandhini, and Sivakkolundu, Sittruli’s Marathon witnessed its fourth edition delivered flawlessly—a testament to the team’s commitment and organizational finesse. 

Erode Awareness Camp and Ongoing Training Sessions: A Beacon of Hope 

With Saranya and Samritha taking the lead, the Erode Awareness Camp signaled a reinvigorated hope, further strengthened by the return of the legendary Sivam. The training sessions that followed saw a continuous attendance of over 15 players every week. 

Collaborations with IIT Madras and Motivation India: A Testament to Impact 

Invitations from IIT Madras for the Sports4All program and Motivation India for the Women WCBB Training Project validated Sittruli’s impactful strides in the disability sports arena. 

Memorable Inclusive Event: A Resounding Finale 

The year concluded with one of the most memorable inclusive events, showcasing the strength of the new generation within Sittruli, led by Palanisamy (Usha), Buhari, Renu, Sabari, and Rahul. 

Acknowledging the Backbone: A Team Effort 

The year’s achievements would not be possible without the steadfast support of Sittruli’s backbone: 

– Rajan, the Coach and Member, leading us all from the Front. 

– Shanmugatharasu, the Member and Mentor, guiding the team with his knowledge. 

– Sivakkolundu, the Member, leading the designing in style. 

– Padmanaban, the Coach and Member, collaborating Sittruli with other sports and support entities. 

– Sam, the Member, with his clicks capturing our memories. 

– Saranya, the Volunteer, breaking walls on the official front and now on the ground in the Erode camp. 

– Rajeev, the Member, rocking the stage, providing feedback, and contributing to improvements for Sittruli. 

– Poorani, the Member, a virtual admin of all activities and follow-up. 

– Selva, the Member, owning the gifts and mementos area. 

– Lalithambigai and Kannan, the Members, taking the stage when it is needed. 

– Balaji, the Director, and Karthika and Aswanth, the Members, adding the energy for the team on the ground. 

– Sivam, the Volunteer, seamlessly switching to auto-lead mode in Erode. 

– Madhan, the Member, eagerly anticipating his Salem chapter. 

– Vivek, the Player, the first WC member building a strong role. 

– Dinesh and Sasikumar, slowly giving their re-entry as Members. 

– Preethi, Anandhakrishnan, and Nandhini, the Members, spreading their wings in Pondicherry with our Bala coach. 

A Visionary Leap into 2024: Ganga’s Academy, WC Table Tennis, and GOA Purple FEST 

With Ganga’s academy project, WC Table Tennis training, and GOA Purple FEST coming into focus, Sittruli stands on the cusp of a meaningful 2024, poised for societal transformation. 

The year 2023 has been a beacon of progress, and as we step into the new year, the Sittruli family welcomes the future with open arms, ready to script a continuing saga of empowerment, inclusion, and boundless possibilities. 

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